What happened to Gaddafi clan?

Colonel Gaddafi’s favourite son Saif al-Islam was left fighting for life after being critically wounded during an RAF bombing raid, it was claimed last night.

His eldest son from his second wife, Saif, 39, was the dictator’s one-time heir apparent. Educated in London and Vienna, he was a notorious playboy.

Rebels had originally claimed to have captured him during the fall of Tripoli but he escaped the capital.

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The fall of the Gaddafi clan: Colonel Gaddafi, left, and, it is thought, his son Mutassim, centre, were both killed on the attack on Sirte today. Saif al-Islam, his heir, right, is thought to have been wounded.

Yesterday, the NTC initially said Saif fled Sirte in a convoy heading for the desert, but then announced he was shot in the leg by revolutionary fighters and taken to hospital.

However, reports later claimed he was left seriously injured by an RAF Tornado bombing strike on the town – a Gaddafi family stronghold.

Last night a senior Ministry of Defence official refused to deny British involvement in an air strike against Saif. The source said: ‘Tornados have been carrying out strike missions in recent days.’ Saif is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Another son, Mutassim, is thought to have been  killed in the assault on Sirte, although other reports said he was captured alive.

article 2051503 0D86831E00000578 97 634x641 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Mohjammed, 41. Status – fled: The only child from Gaddafi’s first wife, Mohammed was head of the Libyan Olympic committee and chairman of the General Post and Telecom Company which operated the country’s mobile phone and satellite communications networks. Fled to Algeria after the fall of Tripoli
article 2051503 0D8C11CD00000578 781 634x529 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Said al-Islam, 39. Status – wounded: Gaddafi’s eldest son from his second wife, Saif Al-Islam was the dictator’s favourite and one-time heir apparent. Educated in London and Vienna, he was a notorious playboy. Rebels claimed to have captured him during the fall of Tripoli but he escaped the capital. Yesterday, the NTC initially said Saif fled Sirte in a convoy heading for the desert, but then announced he was shot in the leg by revolutionary fighters and taken to hospital. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Britain’s political elite could face acute embarrassment if Saif were to face trial in The Hague on war crimes charges.

Any court appearance would inevitably turn a spotlight on Britain’s attempts to foster a relationship with Gaddafi’s favourite son.

He became close to leading figures in the British government after Tony Blair signed the notorious ‘Deal in the Desert’ in March 2004.

Saif described Mr Blair last year as a ‘personal family friend’ and said he had visited Libya ‘many, many times’ since leaving Downing Street.

article 2051503 006F83FC00000258 994 634x524 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Saadi, 38. Status – fled: A former footballer who played in Italy’s Serie A league, he ran Libya’s football federation and invested millions of pounds in the country’s fledgling film industry. Fled to Niger in September
article 2051503 0B9DC8CC000005DC 895 634x504 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Hannibal, 36. Status – fled: Violent and abusive, Hannibal was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend in Paris in 2005 and was arrested for assaulting two servants in a Geneva hotel, but ran back to Libya after being released on bail. He ran Libya’s General National Maritime Transport Company, which controlled the country’s oil exports. He fled to Algeria with brother Mohammed in August
article 2051503 0E76195600000578 109 634x482 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Mutassim, 34. Status – killed: A lieutenant colonel in the Libyan army, Mutassim fled to Egypt after masterminding a failed coup against his father. He was forgiven and returned to Gaddafi’s side as his national security adviser. Killed in the assault on Sirte, according to NTC officials, although conflicting reports claim he was captured alive


Fatiha, age unknown. Status – unknown: Gaddafi’s first marriage to school teacher Fatiha al-Nuri lasted less than a year.She reputedly never met Gaddafi until the day of their wedding.

The couple had one son, Mohammed, but separated after six months and little is known of Gaddafi’s first wife after their divorce in 1970.

Lord Mandelson’s relationship with Saif could also come under scrutiny. The pair met days before it emerged that Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was to be freed.

They were both guests of billionaire financiers Jacob and Nat Rothschild at their Corfu villa in the summer of 2009.

Lord Mandelson, then business secretary, admitted discussing Megrahi’s case with Saif though he insisted there was no negotiation.

Gaddafi’s son accompanied Megrahi on a flight from Glasgow to Tripoli after the release of the bomber.

In a damning transcript of a conversation between the pair, Saif told the freed bomber that his name had been ‘on the table in all commercial, oil and gas agreements we supervised during this period’.

article 2051503 0E76267500000578 240 634x673 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Ayesha, 34. Status – fled: Nicknamed the Claudia Schiffer of North Africa, Gaddafi’s glamorous blonde daughter led rallies of her father’s supporters in Tripoli. The Western-educated lawyer was part of Saddam Hussein’s defence team. She fled to Algeria with her mother Safiyah and brothers Mohammed and Hannibal in August, and gave birth days later.
article 2051503 0BDD0C1D00000578 36 634x597 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Saif al-Arab, 29. Status – dead: Playboy Saif Al-Arab was arrested twice in Germany for an attack on a nightclub bouncer and for excessive noise from his Ferrari F430, while studying in Munich. Charges were dropped as prosecutor ruled trial was not in the national interest. Killed in a Nato airstrike on the Gaddafi compound in April
Prince Andrew has also been linked to the bomber’s controversial release. The Duke of York was accused of holding secret ‘detailed discussions’ over the release of the Lockerbie bomber with Saif in 2009, during an official Foreign Office-sponsored trip to Algeria.

In August, as Tripoli fell to rebel forces and after a day of bloody street battles in the Libyan capital, Saif boasted of victory. Despite having been reported captured and under arrest, he appeared outside a Tripoli hotel to make a defiant speech, declaring: ‘We have broken the backbone of the rebels. It was a trap. We gave them a hard time, so we are winning.’

Gaddafi’s other children have all fled the country or been killed or captured during the civil war. It is not known where either of his two wives are.

article 2051503 0B452A3300000578 800 634x648 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Khamis, 28. Status – dead: Gaddafi’s youngest son led his own feared army unit, the Khamis Brigade, which was infamous for torture and intimidation. Killed in fighting during the fall of Tripoli
article 2051503 0E76235000000578 2 634x647 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Safiyah, 60s. Status – fled: Nurse Safiyah Farkash al-Baraasi met Gaddafi when he had his appendix removed in 1969 and the couple were married for 40 years. She is the mother of seven of his eight biological children, and the couple also adopted two children, a son and a daughter. Shopaholic Safiyah was reputed to have used Gaddafi’s private jet for shopping trips to Europe, and owned airline Buraq Air. Her personal wealth has been estimated at £19billion, including 20 tons of gold. She fled to Algeria with Gaddafi’s daughter Ayesha in August.
article 2051503 0D95274700000578 779 634x496 What happened to Gaddafi clan?Hana, mid-20s. Status – unknown: Gaddafi said his adopted daughter was killed in a 1986 U.S. air strike, but in August it emerged she may have lived and become a doctor

Via Mail Online: Fall of the Gaddafis: Dead dictator’s children have either been killed or fled Libya

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