Aliaa Elmahdy, young Egyptian blogger, stirs controversy with nude photos

The young woman, who is described as "individualistic, atheistic," appears on his Facebook account as the girlfriend of Karim Amer, an Alexandrian blogger sentenced to four years of prison in 2007

Last week, the Dubai-based Saudi TV station MBC aired a movie without cutting a scene which revealed a pair of breasts. The company received major criticism from its customers, and MBC issued an apology almost immediately.

In Egypt, a woman posts a picture of herself in full nude on her blog and Twitter becomes infested with angry comments.

Egypt’s revolution was never meant to be merely political. Egyptians by and large became tired of the old status quo and wanted change to permeate through their society. The revolution has opened the doors for a broader range of issues to come to light.

One such issue is the stark contrast noted between Egyptian society and sex, as well as Hollywood depictions of Western mentalities. In the age of near instantaneous access to information on a global scale, cultures are always coming in contact with each other and differences in culture become quite obvious to people. Egypt’s exposure to Hollywood movies loaded with scantily clad and promiscuous women (in comparison to Egypt) has helped provide steam for many people to want change in Egyptian society, but are their actions helping them get there?

Usually, society changes bit by bit as new generations come to power and bring their values to the table. As each new generation explores the fringes of society’s values, the shape of that society slowly transforms. But when individuals leap past the fringes into the taboo to challenge the status quo the results can often cause society to retreat from that area, undoing progress.

Such may yet be the case with Egyptian blogger Magda Aliaa Elmahdy, who posted a naked picture of herself in her blog in October. The picture in question shows Elmahdy completely naked and uncensored, angering many Egyptians.

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy said on Twitter that she posted the photo under her real name. She added that she took the photo by herself in her parents’ home. Her blog, which has only one entry so far, has received more than 400,000 hits.

From the 1930s until the early 1970s, Egyptian women enjoyed greater personal freedom in terms of wearing western style garments, including bathing suits. Headscarves were a rare sight among middle class and university female students.

In recent decades, however, Egyptian women have increasingly worn more “modest” clothing, such as the headscarf and even the face cover.

In Egypt’s recent history, students of fine arts were trained to draw portraits through the use of nude models. This practice no longer exists in Egypt.

Legendary Armenian photographer Van Leo destroyed his nude photographs before his death because he was concerned that they would make him a target of Islamic extremists.


The issue has become a debate in Twitter under the #NudePhotoRevolutionary hashtag. While some praise Elmahdy for being a revolutionary, most people have replied negatively to her actions.

“The lighting is awful and the composition is dreadful. Break all the social boundaries you want, but don’t call it art,” prominent Egyptian blogger Lilian Wagdy posted in the discussion.

Comments ranged from the overtly religious warnings of sin and punishment in the conservative camp, to genuine concern expressed by liberal activists. Ali Hagras, another Egyptian blogger expressed his concern for the ramifications of Elmahdy’s actions.

“Let’s just hope Salafi Sheikhs don’t get word of this. They’re going to throw it on the liberals and seculars.”

Elmahdy is a self-professed atheist since she was 16. An outspoken feminist, liberal vegetarian, she seems to tackle many controversial issues.

“Elmahdy really seems to support freedom of speech,” said Islam Kamel, an Egyptian Engineering student at the American University in Cairo, to “She is even supporting Denmark for the drawings they made.”

“#nudephotorevolutionary was the most daring conflicting act I’ve seen for a long time but was also the worst thing that happened to the liberal movement in Egypt,” Kamel continued. According to Kamel, he feels that her actions have caused more harm than good. Her actions have done “nothing but stir a debate and allow the conservatives to have one more reason to call for an Islamic state and blame liberals and seculars for this. You will probably see one of them saying this is how all women will act if Egypt isn’t saved by an Islamic leader.”

“She is very young,” Kamel added. “There is also the chance that she has a philosophy behind her actions but it is not thought out properly.”

One activist, Mahmoud Hossein, told he felt her actions were brave, but ultimately foolish. The general feeling coming from the liberal camp is that she should not have tried to be so bold. “She should think of the consequences of her actions.”

The fear is that such acts of expression are such delicate issues and any massive and sudden disruption to the way the system works will inevitably lead to more conservatism as people shy away from what ‘liberalism’ may bring.

“The only thing she accomplished is giving the conservatives a better way to win the elections using this single blog as their method,” Kamel stressed.

Following the fall of former president Hosni Mubarak in early February, Islamists have gained influence as they are suddenly free to operate openly without persecution from government authorities. Ultra-conservative Salafis have called for applying Islamic Sharia law, while some conservative preachers have called for banning women from wearing western swimsuits.

Perhaps Elmahdy’s actions were rash, but the debate has certainly stirred many different opinions. Perhaps Egypt is a few decades away from having such expressions of freedom accepted. Until then, sex and shame are inextricably linked together, and Egypt’s sexual taboos remain firmly (on the surface) in place.

Sources from Bikyamasr, Almasryalyoum, and Lefigaro



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  1. RE:
    Aliaa Elmahdy, young Egyptian blogger, stirs controversy with nude photos
    Posted on November 14, 2011 by eyedrd
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  2. eyedrd says:

    The controversy and the courage of the young woman has caused a hit on the web and the story has been picked up by international mainstream media. In less than 72 hours, it has generated more than 1.4 million hits to a total of 1.8 million hits on November 17.

  3. Indika Perera says:

    If you stop reacting for a moment, read through my comment, and try to understand the underlying philosophy of what I say, here is something that can bake ur noodles:
    I have no problem with God or Allah being the supreme one and creator of the universe.
    But in his infinite wisdom he created Adam and Eve, and they were naked in Paradise. That doesn’t seem to have troubled God, Adam or Eve, any of the angels or any other being that inhabits Paradise.
    Everything seems to have been ticketyboo with nudity until the biting of the proverbial apple, after which all hell broke loose. There-on everyone started having an issue with the hereto non-sensational nudity.
    If NUDITY wasn’t a problem before what made it a problem now (after the apple scenario)?
    Well my thoughts are that it isn’t nudity that was the issue. Nudity seems to have been fine for a very long time in Paradise. But after the “eating of the apple” knowledge of good and evil became part and parcel of mankind, and he began making choices, and enacting the requisite action/s to bring those choices in to fruitation. At times the choices are made based on the good and pure and you call it holy, at times it is done on pure temptation and you call it evil, whereas earlier the default condition was strictly good and purity.
    No my friends, the problem is not with the NUDITY, be it Aliaa Elmahdy, a playboy bunny or anyone else. If it was, then God or Allah would have created Adam and Eve fully clothed, yes? The problem is the evil that is now within mankind. Each time a person goes berserk in the face of another’s nudity, he/she simply acknowledges that evil within, which all started when that “apple” was eaten?
    Generally no human goes berserk at the visibility of the genitalia of Elephants, monkeys or camels do they? (If they do then there are more problems than I seem to have acknowledged! ) The shapes and sizes may differ, but in principle the functionality of the animal genitalia is the same as that of the human. No one tries to put these animals in Hijab do they? And, in his infinite wisdom God did create the animals naked, and the humans as naked if not more so than the animals didn’t he?
    Nope! I think one shouldn’t try to forcefully put women in Hijab. That defeats the purpose. For what does it mean if a man doesn’t go berserk in the presence of a woman in Hijab, but that he will go berserk if the Hijab (and all other items of clothing) was to fall off that woman, and spontaneously make her NAKED?
    No, don’t worry about the man or woman, naked or otherwise, rather worry about your own internal defilements.

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