Amanda Schumacher: An American Humanitarian Who Made Operation Happened for Nguyen Duy Hai

A well-known millionaire in the United States, she has dedicated time and effort contacting many major hospitals and universities in her hometown, and launched charity campaigns to fundraise for the surgery of a Vietnamese man.

Ms. Amanda Schumacher is holding an orphaned Haitian girl during her trip to Haiti

Her name is Amanda Schumacher, founder of The Tree of Life Foundation International headquartered in Florida, and the man is Nguyen Duy Hai, whose 82kg tumor was removed from his right leg at the Ho Chi Minh City-based FV hospital in early January 2012.

If you visit the foundation at, the column “Help Hai” appears in a key position on the interface. When you click it on, you see an introductory letter written by Amanda, detailing Hai’s story. When asked why, she simply says: “Our goal is to help individuals like Hai, with dedication and passion.”

Dedicated knocking on all doors

Amanda learned of Hai’s health condition through Cindy, his biological sister, who is an employee at a Vietnamese-owned beauty salon in Florida, in 2009. Feeling special compassion towards the poor man, she decided to raise funds for him, although she had only talked with him via Skype once before.

The Tree of Life Foundation has been helping Hai since 2009. They have raised funds for him a few times and sent his family money for medications. Amanda also gave Hai a laptop for entertainment.

After a period of time, she realized that it could not be a permanent solution for Hai, so she tried to bring him to the US for surgery.

In July, 2009, she contacted Dr. Bruce Perler, Director of Surgery Vascular – John Hopkins Hospital, to search for support for Hai’s transportation to the US – but she failed. One month later, she contacted Oprah’s Foundation, founded by world-renowned host Oprah Winfrey, seeking financial support both to bring Hai to the US and for his surgery, but again, she did not succeed.

Disappointed, but not discouraged, in February 2010, Amanda contacted the office of Florida Senator George LeMieux. At the same time, she emailed the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh City to suggest bringing Hai to the US for tests, exams, and pre-surgical evaluation with an expected length of stay between 6-12 months.

She tried all manner of ways to bring him to the US and make his surgery is a reality but his visa was denied.

“Golden” hearts

Despite this difficulty, her heart was never betrayed by God. In February, 2011, Christine Do (Owner of the Salon where Cindy works) was the one that persisted in finding a way to help Hai. She was watching the Discovery channel when she saw Dr. McKinnon performing a high risk surgery.

“She contacted my office and we contacted him immediately. As soon as Dr. McKinnon saw Hai’s photos he knew what the problem was and said he could help him,” Amanda recalled.

Dr. McKinnon visited her office few weeks later, to see and speak with Hai directly via Skype for the first time.

“After seeing Hai, Dr. McKinnon was 100% committed to helping him,” Amanda continued.

Amanda said that many US Citizens were very generous and really helped with his cause, as did the Vietnamese community.

On May 19, 2011, Amanda hosted a luncheon at her residence for friends and long time supporters of the Foundation. All proceeds went directly towards funds for Hai’s surgery. “Through the luncheon, we hope to raise funds and awareness in order to change, and possibly save, Hai’s life,” said Amanda.

Afterwards, the Tree of Life Foundation International, along with Morning Star Entertainment, paid for Dr. McKinnon and his team’s trip to Vietnam on November 16, 2011.

In November 2011, Amanda and her daughter came to visit Hai in Vietnam for 3 days when he was at the HCMC-based Oncology Hospital. A plan was being made to operate on Hai on November 18, but the hospital could not proceed.

Amanda told Tuoitrenews that her feeling was to persevere until Hai’s surgery was done: “I knew in my heart that one way or another Hai would get his operation. I have never given up on hope for Hai.”

Amanda, having been connected to Sam back in June 2010, continued her infatigable efforts with others to help Hai, although the surgery could not proceed at HCMC Oncology Tumor Hospital in November 2011 as planned. By then, Sam asked Dr Nguyen Truong Son to help. Dr Son is the director of HCMC Cho Ray Hospital who gladly accepted to work with Dr McKinnon to save Hai at his hospital, free of charge.

At the same time, Robin King Austin of VinaCapital Foundation contacted Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, CEO of FV Hospital, who also accepted to help Hai. It was a frantic door knocking and hospital chasing to help Hai, as the team realized that Dr McKinnon was the last chance for Hai to get his life-saving surgery.

January 2012, Dr McKinnon came back and performed a 3-day marathon surgeries on Nguyen Duy Hai, Thach Thi Sa Ly and Kieu Thi My Dung. The latter two patients were also dreadful tumor cases that Sam had asked Dr McKinnon to add to his first-time ever Vietnam caseloads miraculously accomplished in January 2012.

Tree of Life paid a $4,000 bill for the total costs of $12,000 required by FV for Hai’s surgery while the rest was covered by local and international donations.

As we know, the FV hospital heard the sounds of thunderous and turbulent applause when Dr. McKinnon and his assistants successfully removed the massive tumor from Hai on January 5, 2012. Millions of people all around the world were excited by this miracle. Amanda was the one among them.

“I’m so happy and excited to have heard that Hai has a new life. Perhaps, it is our biggest achievements so far. It’s God’s miracle,” Amanda revealed.

Amanda made sure that her foundation would fund Hai’s trip to the US when he is willing to travel and sponsor him a prosthetic leg.

Ms. Amanda Schumacher

Haiti little girl’s eyes

Amanda is a religious woman. She said when her first daughter was born, God opened her heart to help the community and inspired her to begin the Tree of Life. She reads Bible daily.

She always believes that most Americans have a heart to help others. “There is a resurgence of people reaching out to help those less fortunate in our weakened economy. I always believed you need to give back to this world. When you give, they give back,” she said.

Over the years, she has connected many individuals, organizations, and even governments worldwide with unlucky people who really need a helping hand.

Amanda Schumacher’s family has been in private business for approximately 50 years in South Florida. Her Family Foundation (The Schumacher Family Foundation) supports 100% the Tree of Life Foundation International, paying for all administrative costs and donations.

Tree of Life Foundation International has many tasks. They have been working in Haiti for many years. The foundation has also traveled to Africa to help women and children who have been sexually abused, and to Brazil to help sick children and orphanages.

The foundation has many achievements in the local community. The Tree of Life Center helps men and women restore their lives from drugs and alcohol.

“Every accomplishment that we have, big or small means the same to me as long I am seeing transformation,” she said.

She told Tuoitrenews that during her time doing charitable activities, she has never forgotten the eyes of little Haitian girl.

“On one of my trips to Haiti, a little girl was really sick. I held her in my arms and fed her. After she slept, and when I came back the next morning to see how she was doing, she had passed away. I will never forget her eyes,” Amanda confided.

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6 Responses to Amanda Schumacher: An American Humanitarian Who Made Operation Happened for Nguyen Duy Hai

  1. Dago says:

    Ms. Amanda Schumacher you’ve heard of it s perhaps someone can help me because I suffer from Amenia aplasia and medications buy them abroad and I have no job I wonder if it is possible to help me because my friends do activities obterner some money and medicines cost me 800 to 900 dollars quarterly’m a poor person and I have no resources to heal I want to start working again.
    Ms. Schumacher, I need someone to help me, I want to die, I expect an answer from you so I’m extremely poor who ask for help can help, thanks

    God bless you.

    Dagoberto Figueroa

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America

  2. James says:

    Tree of life Foundation is a fraud and is under investagation. Over the past two years Amanda Schumacher would raise money and keep it for her self. She has also raised money for charity events to then only cancel those events.

    Warning do not give money to this foundation!

    • Sam says:

      Hi James,
      Where did you get the news about Tree Of Life International.
      I worked with Amanda Schumacher and connect Dr McKinnon to Vietnam to operate on the Man With The 200lb tumor.

    • Sam says:

      Another thing: there are a few orgs called Tree of Life Foundation, Tree Of Life International, etc.
      Are you sure the one “under investigation” is this one, founded by Amanda Schumacher of Palm Beach FL
      Thanks James

  3. Rogelio Jara says:

    Dear Sirs

    I write from Guayaquil Ecuador here in South America
    I know a girl who is attended by some nuns in a monastery
    not far from my house. The girl is about 20 years old. She
    has a big tumor on her face. She has been operated some
    times before by doctors locally here in Ecuador but she apparently
    looks the same. Because of her deformity, she prefers to stay all the time
    in the monastery and only dares to leave very early in the morning
    when most people are still sleeping.
    I have heard that you guys can attend situations very extreme for human purposes

    I beg you by the name of God please don´t see with low regard this girl. Maybe she
    is only one more in billion girls but she is unique for herself.

    Many thanks

    Rogelio Jara

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