March 5th is Human Rights Day for Vietnamese: Pictures and Videos of Democracy in action in USA.

Vietnamese across the globe joined their efforts in supporting morally the Vietnamese-American community to lobby with the American administration and the Congress to pressure the Vietnamese government to respect human rights of its citizens.

Communities across America have joined in the drive efforts of online signatures for petition “STOP EXPANDING TRADE WITH VIETNAM AT THE EXPENSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS” with the online petition service established by the White House, which has  garnered about 140,000 signatures  in the USA in  a month time. 

An elder gentleman participated in the Capitol Day

Gathering of hundreds for the reception. vietnamese americans caused a fire hazard so had to go out to Rayburn Courtyard

March 5th and 6th mark the first time in history a large throng of 700 Vietnamese-Americans from 50 states converged to the capitol in an efforts to lobby with the legislators and administration to support human rights fight in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese-Americans lobby for Congress to support the H. RES. 484Calling on the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to respect basic human rights and cease abusing vague national security provisions such as articles 79 and 88 of the Vietnamese penal code which are often the pretext to arrest and detain citizens who peacefully advocate for religious and political freedom.

  • (1) condemns the continued and worsening crackdown in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam against community organizers, bloggers, and democracy activists;
  • (2) calls on the Government of Vietnam to repeal articles 79 and 88 of the Vietnamese penal code and similar vague national security measures used to persecute peaceful political opposition and dissent;
  • (3) calls on the Government of Vietnam to release all political prisoners, especially all activists, writers, and bloggers who have been detained or sentenced under articles 79 and 88 of the Vietnamese penal code; and
  • (4) urges the United States Department of State to monitor developments of rule of law to ensure the extent to which laws in Vietnam are administered in ways that are consistent with international human rights standards, meeting concrete benchmarks that are hallmarks of sustainable development.

Rep. McGovern (MA-3), Co-Chair of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus agreed to co-sponsor H.Res. 484 and promised that he will hold a hearing to support Vietnam Human Rights Act of 2011.

As Vietnamese-American is a small community of about 1.5 million people, it can only make its concerns heard if it is well-organized and united. American democracy is a representative democracy that elected officials will listen to their constituents. Therefore, voting and fundraising are the most two important things that will get the attention of the elected officials. This is how all special interest groups from all walks of society usually hold their annual Capitol Day and have professional lobbyists to advance their interests.

I hope that Vietnamese-American community will continue to hold yearly Capitol Day from now on as America is currently the center of the free world and most countries around the world do have professional lobbyists to advocate the interests of their countries with America. Vietnamese-American community is fortunately the largest community of Overseas Vietnamese in the world and our actions can lead and rally other Overseas Vietnamese to follow suit to defend the interests of the Vietnamese people in their adoptive countries and in Vietnam.

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