A female doctor shoots sex clips with her boss in order to denounce him

Commentary: It is an outrageous case of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment should be dealt more harshly in Vietnam as more and more Vietnamese women are entering the work-force and culturally still reserved and submissive. Laws should protect the women from sexual harassment by their superiors. Doctors should uphold higher standards of ethics, the misconduct of the doctor boss is inexcusable. The doctor boss in question proposed to pay compensation to the employee’s family for their material and mental loss. This should be considered and treated as a criminal case and not a civil case. 

A doctor has forced his wife to film her sexual acts with her boss two times so that he has clear evidence to accuse the boss of having sex with his subordinate. The characters in the video clip were two doctors from a health center of the Vietnam Road General Department. The woman is the employee of the man, who is the center’s director.

Dr. Hà Thị Bích N

Two years ago H. M. Huynh, of Road 2 health center, caught his wife H.T.B.N, who also works as a doctor at the center, having an adulterous affair with Nguyen Manh Cuong, the center’s director.

Huynh said his wife initially denied the relationship but finally admitted that she agreed to have sex with Cuong for an opportunity for higher education and asked forgiveness from him. Afterwards N. wanted to end the illicit relations with Cuong, but he refused.

The couple managed to divorce. “But because of our two children and bigger goals, I have restrained myself to not divorce yet,” the husband says.

Huynh bought two cameras shaped like a pen a coat button and asked his wife use them to film her sexual acts with Cuong as a way to end their affair.

In January 2010, N. shot her relations with Cuong and gave her husband the tape. But the images in the video were not clear enough to see the ‘two main characters’, so Huynh asked his wife to ‘act’ for a second time.

One month later, N. arranged an appointment with Cuong at a hotel and informed her husband of it. When they were having sex, Huynh and some people stormed into the room and caught them in the act. Huynh required Cuong to make a report that he would not do it again.

clip sex

A photo taken from the sex tape shows that Nguyen Manh Cuong, director of Road 2 health center, is going to have sex with his subordinate — Dr. N.

However, according to Huynh, after the incident, Cuong continued to create difficulties for his wife at the health center so they decided to lodge a petition to police in Van Giang district in the northern province of Hung Yen, where Road 2 health center is situated, to ask for their intervention.

After that, the two parties reached an agreement through conciliation that they would not reveal their “secrets” and smear each other.

But earlier this year, Cuong continued to cause problems for N. at work for no apparent reason, Huynh said. Therefore, the couple has decided to let the facts be known to public.

“No one wants to put his wife’s sexual relations with another person in the press. But we have no other choice to seek help from concerned authorities,” the husband said.

The wife admitted that she slept with her boss three times. “I suffer great misery doing that. Sometimes, I want to commit suicide,” she told VnExpress Newswire.

In early 2012, Cuong didn’t not stop asking me for sex. He often sought ways to threaten me if I refused his requests. When I let him down, he suspended me from working for three months.

When I returned to work, he continually forced me to make reports about my faults or mistakes developed by his imagination and publicly announced them in meetings at the center” she added.

In a report that Cuong made after being caught having sex with N., he confessed to all of the accusations.

“At 8:30am on February 3, 2010, I made an appointment with N. to have sex at A Dong hotel on National Highway 5. While we were having sex, N’s husband opened the door and caught us without clothes in the middle of the act,”Cuong said in the report.

Dr. Cuong is signing a written confession

written confession of the affair

According to the report, Cuong admitted that he had sex with N twice at the A Dong hotel.

“I would like to meet Dr. Huynh’s family to compensate them fully for their material and mental losses. I pledge that I will not have sex with N. again. I promise to obey fully the law of Vietnam and will bear all responsibility for any violation,” the report said.

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, which is in charge of managing Road 2 health center, has suspended the accused Nguyen Manh Cuong and Dr. N from work, pending investigation.

The man in the clip, Nguyen Manh Cuong, was caught in the act at a hotel while having sex with his staff, a 40-year-old doctor. Cuong was caught red-handed by the woman’s husband, who is also a doctor in Hanoi.

The evidences against Mr. Cuong include two video clips. One clip features sex scenes between him and his employee in the hotel, which was filmed by the woman in the clip. The second clip was shot by the woman’s husband and his friend, in which Cuong was caught in the act in the hotel. In the second clip, the director had to write to confirm his wrong act.

The woman in the clip confirmed with Tien Phong newspaper that she shot the sex clip herself as an evidence to denounce her boss.

The woman says that the boss flirted with her during business trips and intentionally touched her whenever he had a chance and finally she had an affair with him. Being detected by her husband, the woman wanted to stop the relations but she could not. “I attempted suicide by sleeping pills, but I was saved,” she says.

She says that she and her husband decided to shoot clips as evidences against the boss.

extract from the clip

Meanwhile, the man in the clip, director of a health center–told Tien Phong that the couple plotted to blackmail and claim the post of deputy director of the health center. According to this man, he was anaesthetized. However, it seems to not be true because in the clip, he and the woman talked for over 20 minutes before and while they took off their clothes.

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