Nguyen Duy Hai, man with 82 kg tumor, finally returns home

Huge crowds of curios people in Da Lat flocked to see Nguyen Duy Hai, who had a massive 82 kilo tumor removed three months ago at FV hospital, return home at about 4pm on April 10.


A well-dressed Nguyen Duy Hai and his mother wrapped their luggage before leaving FV hospital on the morning of April 10 after three months of treatment there (Photo: Quynh Trung)


He visited and expressed his gratitude to FV hospital staff who were involved in his casebefore being officially discharged (Photo: Quynh Trung)


Hai was transported to his hometown by an FVH ambulance (Photo: Quynh Trung)


Hai, who used to be dubbed ‘the man with the elephant foot’ due to his massive tumor, returned home as a large number of Da Lat inhabitants, including local officials, had been waiting to see him without the tumor on the afternoon of April 10 (Photo: Quynh Trung)


He was carried down to his small house located under a valley in Da Lat city (Photo: Quynh Trung)


Hai was reunited with his family and neighbors after moving to Ho Chi Minh City for treatment and surgery 6 months ago (Photo: Quynh Trung)

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