Thousand Filipinos demonstrate against China’s aggression in Manilla; Vietnamese activists also participated.


Commentary: After more than one month standoff  over the Scarborough Shoal islands with China, Filipinos patriots took the streets peacefully to denounce the Chinese aggression and bullying actions over the disputed area. China has condemned the demonstration and used it as the pretext to cancel vacation tours to the Philippines. It is a small demonstration of the Chinese soft power. China has consistently refused to resolve the dispute through normal diplomacy or international arbitration. Instead, China has kept sending ships to the area to show its might.

Vietnam-Philippines solidarity

Mẹ Nấm and her friends joined the anti-China demonstration in Manilla

police was nice with peaceful demonstrators

Fil-Americans are also going to hold rallies today across the USA to bring attention to world of Chinese aggression and bullying.

Vietnamese people understand Filipinos’ plight better than anyone because Vietnam has also been a target of Chinese aggression. Vietnam held 8 consecutive anti-China demonstrations until the government crackdown on these demonstrations in order to appease Chinese authorities. Since then, Vietnamese people have been demonstrating in silence. Today, some Vietnamese activists, known as Mẹ Nấm and her friends, have made the special trip from Vietnam to join to show Vietnamese solidarity with the Filipinos.

Let’s not forget there are 4 million overseas Vietnamese understand your plight as we share same destiny, you can count on the Vietnamese support.


Anti-China protests took place in the capital of the Philippines over a territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

About 1,000 people gathered outside the Chinese embassy in Manila to protest against what they say are Chinese intrusions, as tensions increase in a long-standing dispute over the Scarborough Shoal islands claimed by both countries.

“Our protest is directed at the overbearing actions and stance of the government in Beijing, which behaves like an arrogant overlord, even in the homes of its neighbours,” said rally organiser Loida Nicholas Lewis.

The protesters carried placards that read: “China stop bullying the Philippines”, “Make Peace Not War”, and “China, Stop Poaching in Philippine Waters”.

China on Thursday warned its citizens that they were not safe in the Philippines and urged those in the country to stay indoors and stay away from demonstrations. Taiwan issued a similar warning to its citizen, while Chinese travel agents said they were suspending tours to the Philippines.

Philippine officials said they expected the Manila rally to be peaceful.

In Beijing, authorities stepped up security around the Philippines’ embassy, with squads of police waiting in streets near the mission and plainclothes guards also monitoring passers-by.

Tensions over territorial rights in the South China Sea have been building since a standoff between Chinese ships and a Philippine naval vessel near the Scarborough Shoal islands early last month.

China insists it has sovereign rights to all of the South China Sea, even waters close to the coast of other countries and hundreds of miles from its own mainland.

The Philippines says it has sovereign rights over waters within its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone, and that its position is supported by international law.

Apart from China and the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam, also have overlapping claims to parts of the South China Sea, believed to be rich in oil and other resources, making the waters one of Asia’s potential flashpoints for armed conflict.

China’s official military newspaper said on Friday that a US shift in strategy to increase its influence in the south Asia had emboldened Manila, a key Washington regional ally, in its dispute with Beijing.

“The United States’ shift in strategic focus to the east and its entry into the South China Sea issue has provided the Philippines with room for strategic manoeuvre, and to certain extent increased the Philippines’ chips to play against us, emboldening them to take a risky course,” said the Liberation Army Daily.

source Aljazeera

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2 Responses to Thousand Filipinos demonstrate against China’s aggression in Manilla; Vietnamese activists also participated.

  1. Hoa Minh Truong says:

    Thousand Filipinos demonstrate against China’s aggression in Manilla, that show the national spirit and patriotic heart. The Philippine is democratic country and actually its doesn’t belong to the hand of China. So the Filipinos to be permitted by government.
    However, Vietnam is quite different, there is no permission for demonstration, even the people who were castigated the property, they have congregated to the government offices, but Vietcong calls” protest together”, they avoid the word of demonstration.
    In record, Vietnamese people have to be forced for admiration the Vietcong’s great master China, nevertheless since Soviet Union Collapsed, Vietcong returned to China hand. Of course, Vietcong government has to protect its great master China in Vietnam territory.
    In 2008, Beijing Olympic, the Vietcong regime crushed down people protested against China about the fishermen killed, robbed in Vietnam sea ( I use ” The Vietnam sea”, because the region doesn’t belong to” the South China sea” at all). The public security guard arrested the demonstrators and deserved the priority for Chinese people welcomed the Olympic torch with China flag.
    During the tension’s period is accelerating in the Vietnam sea, the people protested to the China Embassy at Hanoi, Consultant at Saigon, the they were thrashed by Vietnam public security guard. Many people beaten, arrested.
    The Vietcong regime also protects the Chinese citizen come to Vietnam for holiday, business, migrant and the others purpose. A story of young Vietnamese man, Mr. Nguyen Phong Luu, he was beaten by 5 Chinese men in the restaurant, the skull broke and died instantly, but Vietnam public security guard did nothing, they have to protect the great master’s citizen.
    The numerous Vietnamese protest against China’ s invasion lessened, they have no allowance to reach near the China Embassy region, then they gather at Hoan Kiem Lake and disbanded quietly. The numerous demonstrator reduced, because Vietcong regime has used their fake protester like Mr. Nguyen Hue Chi, Huynh Tan Mam… as the trap, so the patriot would be arrested if they joined. The scam protectors set free after then, but the patriots are not, so in Vietnam, the demonstrator doesn’t crowd as Philippine.
    Vietnam situation is different with Philippine, that shows the belonging of Vietcong government ties to China and its regime has to avoid the demonstration oppose against the great master. It is the clear message to whom believe on Vietcong regime is patriot, despite Vietcong regime has cheated people by creating the status of General Tran Hung Dao at Truong Sa.
    Hoa Minh Truong

  2. maria says:

    We will NOT let you take what is ours. BACK OFF China.

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