Diane Tran considers turning down $100,000 donation raised on her behalf

Diane Tran, who was sentenced for 24 hour jail term for truancy and contempt of the court, has sparked worldwide media attention and compassion. Within days, more than $100, 000 was raised on her behalf. The donations came from all 50 states of America and 18 other countries.

She may stun the world again as she may turn down the money donations because she thinks other kids are more needy. The fact that she is considering to turn down this large some of money for someone who works two jobs with low-wages to support her siblings, speaks high volume of her character.

Diane has not given any interviews yet. She is not someone who likes to seek attention and fame as her case has gained worldwide media attention. She deserves our praises and the outpouring love and compassion that people have shown for her. She is exemplary and mature for her age; she is the anti-thesis of the current trend of fame seeking by doing anything to get attention.

Her lawyer, Brian Wice, however, is urging her not to reject the donations.

“Diane has been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support on so many levels,” says Brian Wice. “And while it speaks volumes about her character that she wants to earmark some of it for people she thinks are less fortunate, I think at the end of the day, the people who donated expect that money to go to her college education fund, and I will do everything in my power to see that it does.”

Wice says Tran has been contacted by colleges. It’s safe to assume some of them will also be offering scholarship money to the Willis High School student.

Wice met with a prosecutor and the judge who had sentenced Tran to a one-day jail term, Lanny Moriarty, and all agreed to drop the jail sentence.

“I sat down with the judge, who is an incredibly nice guy, who cares about these kids and has done wonders with curtailing the truancy rate in Willis…and we were able to reach common ground on what is right.”

Wice, for what it’s worth, is extremely impressed with Tran for her maturity. She’s told him she doesn’t want to do a lot if interviews, something which no doubt stunned the soundbite-guru Wice to the core.

Source Houston Press

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