Lê Trần Nhật Tiến, 9 year-old, gives an emotional performance

Both judges and the audience were touched and moved to tears by the performance of Lê Trần Nhật Tiến, a 9-year-old boy from the central province of Ha Tinh, in a show of the Do Re Mi television singing contest for kids on July 22.  

In his performance, Lê Trần Nhật Tiến brought on stage the Vietnamese folk story “Su Tich Cay Vu Sua” (A Legend of The Star Apple Tree). The story recounts how a giddy little boy feels regret when he comes back home after a long time away knowing that his mother has passed away.

Lê Trần Nhật Tiến, playing the role of the son, sang the song “Mother in The Dream” to express his painful emotions upon seeing his mother gone.

“Hey vast sky up there, do you hear me? Where’s my mom? I’m missing her so much. Is that you mom, the sparkling star up there? Please come back to me, I miss you,” Nhật Tiến began.

Lê Trần Nhật Tiến

Though the little boy couldn’t reach the high notes of the song, which was considered hard for him to perform, the jury and audience seemed to be touched by his emotions when he sang.

China’s Got Talent show 2011 12-year-old Mongolian boy singing “Mother in the Dream”

“Suddenly I wake up, and why can’t I see you mom? I wish upon the star, my only wish is you. Mom please don’t be upset, I’m coming to you,” Nhật Tiến finished his performances with tears streaming down his face.

Judges Tran Thanh and Chau Anh and many viewers could not hold on their tears when Tien sang “Seeing Mum in Dream.”

This is a Mongolian song, translated into Vietnamese. The song was previously performed by a 12-year-old Mongolian boy at the China’s Got Talent. The translated song was previously performed by singer Thuy Chi. However; the singer’s song could not take tears from the audience like the 9-year-old boy.

Nhật Tiến’s song was arranged based on a Vietnamese fairy tale “The legend of star apple,” in which Tien was a lazy and naughty son who did not listen to his mother. When the son returned home, his mother already died. The son felt regret but he could only cry and remembered about his mum through the song “Seeing mum in dream.”

Nhật Tiến ’s sweet voice and his expressive performance moved the heart of thousand people. The boy cried on the stage while the judges and viewers were also moved to tears.

Judges Tran Thanh (L) and Chau Anh can’t stop themselves from crying hearing Tien singing.

Many people were also moved when they watched Tien’s performance on YouTube.

My tears felt down when I saw your show. You are great! Thank you Nhat Tien for that touching song,” Mood Lavender wrote.

“Your song makes me miss and love my mum very much,” hoangson3011 wrote.

“I had listened to this song performed by Thuy Chi. I had been moved by her song but I could not cry. But when I watched this boy’s show, I could not hold on my tears,” Boncutie commented.

Nhật Tiến is in the top ten contestants of Do Re Mi 2012. He was also the best singer at the show on July 22.

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