Vietnamese held second weekly anti-China rally

Hundreds of Vietnamese people held the second weekly anti-China rally in Hanoi and Saigon on Sunday despite the government’s intimidation against some activists. Last weekend, some activists  such as Ms. Bùi Thị Minh Hằng, Kim Tiến, and Huỳnh Thục Vy, who were under constant police surveillance and were prevented to join the demonstrations. Ms. Huỳnh Thục Vy succeeded to join the demonstration in Saigon and were subsequently was arrested at the rally and detained for a few days.

The rally in Hanoi started around 8:45 am and ended at 10;50 am as people spontaneously gathered and the crowd swelled up to about 1,000 people heading toward the Chinese embassy. The security forces blocked the demonstration when it came within 300 feet of the Chinese embassy. The crowd was chanting and waving banners “Hoang Sa (Paracel)-Truong Sa (Spratly) belong to Vietnam.”

Police and security forces on the left protecting China’s embassy; the protesters and patriots on the right.

Mr. Nguyễn Công Hùng, handicap advocate and IT specialist

Today the rally attracted all walks of the Vietnamese society such as


Saigon attracted a much smaller crowd of 100 people due to the heavy rain that people decided to go home.

As Ms. Bùi Thị Minh Hằng was prevented from joining the rally, she joined the protest in spirit by protesting at home and posting a video clip online.

The fact that the protest was allowed to go ahead in authoritarian Vietnam indicates how relations between Hanoi and Beijing have deteriorated dramatically in recent weeks. The Vietnamese patriots protest against Chinese aggression in East Sea with the establishment of Sansha city and China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s call for bids to explore for oil in the Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The patriots want also to pressure Vietnam’s government to take a stronger stand to protect the national territorial integrity. The patriots support the new Maritime Law of Vietnam, which was passed last month by Vietnam’s National Assembly reaffirming the Vietnamese sovereignty on Paracel and Spratly islands.

As the rally concluded without incidents, the protesters gave rendez-vous with each other for the next rally on the Sunday. Last year, Vietnamese patriots held 11 weekly rally before the authorities clamped down the protests.

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3 Responses to Vietnamese held second weekly anti-China rally

  1. nathan says:

    Thank you for a great article

  2. Hoa Minh Truong says:

    In Vietnam, the patriotic action against the China, that should be driven to wrong target, so the numerous people joined protest against China is very small: couple hundred at Hanoi and bit more at Saigon. While the Vietcong regime is opening the door for million Chinese migrants gently to Vietnam, China taken the mines, jungle, the strategic positions being occupied by the China hidden title economic companies, actually the central communist party became the China administrators, so the Vietnam government just deserve the interest to its great master.
    In Vietnam history, previously people stood up to remove the occupying force, but not anyone fought against directly the Chines dynasty, it is so far and impossible. Nowadays, China Red Empire changes their invasion policy, the old invasion by force failed and also meet the reaction strongly by the occupied people, then the better invasion policy to be used the same ethnic people as China has used Vietcong to control all country, that hided under title of ideological communist brother relationship.
    Protest opposes against the China has sent wrong message to people, while do the organizations have no action against the nearest enemy Vietcong?. So people have recognized the patriotic demonstration couldn’t effect to create the independent and democracy for country. However, unification with Vietcong to fight against China is the trap, that means help China remains their reign in Vietnam by Vietcong and waiting for whole country changed name.
    The little numerous protester in Vietnam hasn’t notify the western world media, because they know how the character of demonstration. The other reason lessens the people join, the most people have the experience about the Vietcong’s malice, in record after 1975, Vietcong set up so many fake resistant organizations, ten thousand patriots trapped, they were arrested and killed. So nowadays, when people saw in the protest groups have some Vietcong famous faces as Dr. Nguyen Quang A…they have no trust. Comparative with Hong Kong, Mr. Ho Jintao faces about half million protesters against his visit, that event explains why Vietnam failed to show the patriotic heart. The main target is Vietcong regime.
    Hoa Minh Truong.
    ( author of the Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

  3. Simon Speakman Cordall says:


    I read your article with great interest. If you would be interested in giving an interview on this topic for The Asia Times, please email at the address given.



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