Vũ Hoàng Việt, 23 year-old and Yvonne Thúy Hoàng, 60 year-old: a controversial item

Commentary: Vietnamese society has evolved so fast that traditional family values have been neglected and disregarded. A sugar mama relationship has sparked the controversy in Vietnam. Whatever the reasons are behind the relationship of the two adults are their own business. One should respect their relationship and see how long it will last.

23-year-old model Vũ Hoàng Việt has recently been strongly criticized for his love of a Vietnamese – American millionaire who is much older than him.

Vũ Hoàng Việt, 23 and his new love Yvonne Thúy Hoàng, 60.

Born in 1989, Vu Hoang Viet attended the 2011 Vietnam Super model contest and finished in the Top 5. However, his name remained unknown to the public until a few days ago when he announced his love for millionaire Yvonne Thúy Hoàng, who is almost 60.

Thúy Hoàng, who lives in California, was the first Southeast Asian – origin woman recognized as a millionaire in America, VTC newswire reported.

Against a storm of criticism saying that the love between Hoàng Việt and Thúy Hoàng is based on money, the 1m86-tall model confirmed that they have fallen in love since they share many things in common.

“I and my woman come together for the feeling of our hearts. The barrier of ages doesn’t matter when the two hearts met and then beat together,” he added.

The model then released a series of photos featuring the couple taken on their recent trip to Thailand to prove that they are truly in love to each other.

Hình ảnh Vũ Hoàng Việt và người tình:

hoang viet 1 Vũ Hoàng Việt   Phi công trẻ khiến mọi người phải ngã mũ

images777782 Vu Hoang Viet Phunutoday.vn Vũ Hoàng Việt   Phi công trẻ khiến mọi người phải ngã mũ


Hoang Viet

A picture taken in their Thailand trip. Photo: VTC

“I’m lucky having her in my life. She has taught me a lot of things in life, from lifestyle to how to treat people. Our love comes from empathy and respect for each other,”  Hoàng Việt confirmed.

Not only has Viet shocked people with his love, but the model also surprised people with changes to his appearance. His face has changed significantly compared with last year. Some rumors claim that Viet had plastic surgery.

Hoang Viet

Viet when he attended 2011 Vietnam Super Model contest (L) and now. Photo: TP

In addition, Viet also proudly said that he has received support from his family for his love story.

“My mom said that I have the right to decide what I do,”  Hoàng Việt shared. “I found no reason for people to oppose us. She’s a great person and always knows how to take care of me.”

Hoàng Việt also admitted that his lover helps him with his finances. “She has helped me since she wants me to have a better career.”

Finally, in response to opponents,  Hoàng Việt confirmed that the couple is deeply in love and serious about their relationship.

“I don’t care about the past, time will have an answer for the future,” he said.

Source Tuoi Tre

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  1. olala says:

    Con mụ này vài năm nữa phải mặc tả rồi. Lúc đó tha hồ cho HV đi thay tã, sẳn ngắm chim em luôn thể, éc éc

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