Large Scale of Anti-Terrorism Drill At Lam Dong Airport

Commentary: Concerned with the public dissatisfaction about the regime, the internal security and social unrest may soon arise. As Vietnam is not threatened with any external terrorism, the objective of the drill is a demonstration of force to the internal public in an effort of intimidation.

An anti-terrorism rehearsal involving 1,000 people (police, army, aviation industry, fire brigade and healthcare personnel)  was carried out at the Lien Khuong Airport in Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province yesterday morning.

Commandos wearing anti-toxic masks enter areas where they suspect there are biochemical weapons

The large scale exercise was jointly organized by the Civil Aviation Security Committee and the provincial People’s Committee, under the direct supervision of Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, chairman of the committee.

The participants of the drill came from task force and mobile police units, including technicians specializing in handling explosives and bio-chemical weapons.

The scenario of the rehearsal was that a group of rioting people had broken into the airport, keeping some passengers hostage, and then hijacked a plane to escape.

According to the scenario, anti-terrorist units were required to launch an attack on the hijackers, shooting them dead or taking them alive, rescue the hostages, protect properties at the airport, and detect and defuse explosives and chemical weapons installed in the airport and on the plane by the terrorists.

The drill is aimed to enhance the security awareness and vigilance of forces in charge of protecting airports, strengthening the coordination between different forces in anti-terrorism, and improving plans for fighting terrorists and hijackers and for search and rescue.

Bearing in mind that security at airports in the world has become a complicated issue, this drill will help improve the ability to combine various forces to fight terrorists, and protect life and property at airports in Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Hai said.

Below are some photos of the drill at the airport.


Police encounter the group of rioting people who have broken into the airport


Rioting people attack the security force at the airport


A large explosion caused by the terrorists at the airport


Commandos dropped from a helicopter to the top of an office at the airport to support task force units in coping with the terrorists


A commando and a disguised task force police on top of one of the two buses, in which the terrorists were keeping a number of passengers hostage


Hostages are rescued from the airport’s terminal


Commandos escort and protect the bus carrying the hostages who have been rescued from the terrorists


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