Human rights campaign for Vietnam: ” Triệu Con Tim, Một Tiếng Nói” or “One Million Hearts, One Voice”

Commentary: Whatever the personal political view one holds on the political spectrum, from extreme Left to extreme Right including apolitical or neutral, one should not negate our inalienable rights endowed by our Creator and take those for granted.

As Vietnamese descents living abroad and enjoying the basic values of freedom that one takes for granted, one should have the least decency to add our voices to denounce the blatant violations of human rights endured daily by the 90 million citizens of their native homeland or ancestral country.

One never forget to be grateful to men and women in the services of protecting and defending our freedoom and the sacrifices of their families

2 month campaign for human rights garnered more than 135,000 signatures from all over the globe.
2 month campaign for human rights garnered more than 135,000 signatures from all over the globe.


Protest for Human Rigths in front of VN Embassy in Washington DC:

Submission of Petition Signatures to UN Human Rights Headquarter in Geneva:

The beauty of the campaign theme was a song “Triệu Con Tim (Million Hearts)” composed by the musician and composer Nhạc sĩ Trúc Hồ. The song has reached more than 200,000 viewers since October 23, 2012.

For the past couple months, Mr. Truc Ho has been conducting yet another brilliant campaign for human rights in Vietnam.  This most recent campaign is called the “Million Hearts, One Voice,” and has caused quite a headache for the Communist leadership in Hanoi.  Not only did Truc Ho present a petition with over 135,000 signatures to both American and U.N leaders about Vietnam’s human rights issue, he also crafted a beautiful new song to support his campaign.

One of the flagships of Truc Ho’s campaign, next to his petition, is his newly composed song, “Trieu Con Tim,” or “A Million Hearts.”  Trieu Con Tim is a finely crafted song that vividly describes the countless abuses and failures of the Communist Party in Vietnam.  Their pathetic display on the world stage, especially their kowtowing to Beijing and the CCP, as well as their pathetic displays at home brought to light.

The song mentions some specific cases that happened recently in Vietnam.  One such case is the self-immolation of a mother in protest of the Hanoi government.  As a blogger, her daughter was detained as result of her courage to criticize the party.  Other cases, such as the government’s seizing of a citizen’s property, and the losing of Paracel and Spratly are also mentioned.  These stories will be mentioned in more detail in future posts.

This campaign has made a huge impact America’s new foreign policy towards Vietnam.  The Obama Administration’s Vietnam policy has shifted dramatically, and relations between the two nations have begun to deteriorate.  The U.S. has become fed up with the lack of progress on Vietnam’s human rights situation.  Therefore, they no longer seek to strengthen relations with the Communist Vietnamese.  This recent development will too be covered in a follow-up article.

Source Freedoom For Vietnam

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