Nam Nguyen, honored “Young Talent” in Forbes “30 under 30″

A Vietnamese guy, Nam Nguyen, who was born and raised in California (the US), was recently honoured as a “young talent” in Forbes’ “30 under 30″ list.

The list highlights the most outstanding young people in 15 fields including financing, advertising, marketing and technology.

Placing 19th in the list, Nam Nguyen is now Director of the Content Studio 360i Company. He manages a real-time content lab that uses consumer and trend data to create multimedia experiences for brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods and UGG, helping marketing people better engage their audiences in the social age through nimble and shareable content.


Todd Hunter, also 29, creative director of CAA specialized in the area of cinematography devices, ranks top in the list. He was delighted in the Grammy 2012 award-wining ceremony.

Nam Nguyen said, “The award is really out of my imagination, especially such a nice and large-scale award. We do all know the reputation of Forbes magazine, attracting excellent readers worldwide. I was shocked and honoured upon hearing the announcement in the list.”

For him, Vietnam holds an important position in his heart, thus he still holding a Vietnamese name. Nam Nguyen and his father just returned Vietnam, saying that it is the reality of a dream.

“I always wonder about my Vietnamese origin. Even though being an American, I am so proud of having Vietnamese parents. Back in Vietnam, walking on the streets, I myself have the feeling of unique Vietnamese culture via sounds on the roads, landscapes, the people and especially its mouthwatering gastronomic culture,” he shared.

This visit, not really long, moved him to tears upon returning to his parents’ home area. He wished to visit Vietnam in the future as soon as he can.

Source DangCongSan

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