Dr. Quyen Nguyen Is Among The Sexiest Scientists Alive By Business Insider

Commentary: It is the right thing to promote the works and the merits of the scientists who contribute the most to the advances of technology and medicine that people need the most and enjoy the most in their daily life.

However, scientists do not get the glamour or the public recognition that entertainers and sport athletes have. Most children are exposed to Hollywood culture and growing up with the aspiration to become actors, actress or models.

It is true that scientists or intellectuals are not the most popular nor hot like the celebrities. Some of them are even very nerdy, but human intelligence is a beauty in its own right that media should focus more in order to make a better society.

#11 Quyen Nguyen

Position: Doctor and professor of surgery and director of the Facial Nerve Clinic at the University of California, San Diego.

Institution: University of California, San Diego

Education: M.D./Ph.D. from Washington University, School of Medicine; B.S. in psychology/biology from University of Southern California.

Nguyen is developing ways to guide surgeons during tumor removal surgery by using fluorescent compounds to make tumor cells — and just tumor cells — glow during surgery, which helps surgeons perform successful operations and get more of the cancer out of the body.

She’s using similar methods to label nerves during surgery to help doctors avoid accidentally injuring them.

Fun fact: She is fluent in French and Vietnamese.

Source Business Insider

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