Hazardous Accidents Of Young Children

 Commentary: These two cases involve two young toddlers, whom should be watched after at all time in order to avoid dangerous accidents. The life of young children are priceless and should to be tendered for.

battery Hazardous Accidents Of Young Children

A battery cell removed by doctors in Hue from the stomach of a 4-year-old boy, using a flexible endoscopic tube inserted into his mouth

Doctors at Hue Central Hospital in central Vietnam have removed a battery cell from the stomach of a four-year-old boy who swallowed it after it fell out of a TV remote control.

Tran Nhu Nguyen Phuong, head of the hospital’s endoscopy department, said doctors removed it using a flexible endoscopic tube inserted into his mouth.

The boy, identified only as N. M., was brought to the hospital on January 25 and discharged soon afterwards.

His family said M. was watching TV with his 12-year-old sister when the cell fell out and he swallowed it.

Phuong said the boy was lucky since he was treated early.

If it had taken a bit longer, the cell could have moved into the intestines and necessitated a surgery.Even more dangerously, the battery would have broken up after some time and caused intestinal problems, he said.


Glasspiece Hazardous Accidents Of Young Children

The six-centimeter shard of glass doctors removed from the chest of five-year-old Nguyen Xuan Mai

A girl from the Mekong Delta Province of Hau Giang has been discharged from a local hospital after doctors removed a piece of glass from her chest.

Nguyen Xuan Mai, 5, ran into a glass cupboard when she was playing with relatives, severely injuring her lung and diaphragm on January 17.

She was rushed to the general hospital in Can Tho City with a punctured lung and torn diaphragm.

Doctors surgically repaired Mai’s diaphragm and removed a six-centimeter shard of glass from her pleura, a serous membrane which lines the thorax and envelops the lungs.

Mai was then transferred to Can Tho Children’s Hospital for further treatment.

Source Thanh Nien

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