Super-Deluxe Gifts For Tet

Economic crisis does not affect the need for New Year or Tet gifts in Vietnam. Luxury Tet gifts are still available on the market.

 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
This year, the gifts made from gold and silver are quite popular, with the prices ranging from several million to hundreds of million dong. This gold plated clock is a New Year gift worth VND180 million ($9,000).

20130125093616 2 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
This gold-inlaid 3D painting is priced hundreds of US dollars.

20130125093616 3 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
This kind of gift is selling very well this Tet.

20130125093616 4 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
A gold-inlaid US dollar is priced hundreds of US dollars.

20130125093616 5 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
Gold-inlaid porcelain is a luxury Tet gift in 2013. This small vase is priced nearly VND4 million ($200).

20130125093616 6 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
This painting is about VND75 million ($3,500).

20130125093616 7 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
This is the Year of the Snake so gold-inlaid snake statues are sold very well.

20130125093949 8 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
Bonsai finger citron trees are priced from VND3-5 million ($150-220).

20130125093616 9 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
Wine-gourd shaped grapefruits.

20130125094237 10 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
Gold bullion shaped watermelons.

20130125093616 12 Super Deluxe Gifts For Tet
Car-shaped watermelons are also unique Tet gifts.

Kien Thuc

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  1. There is no doubt about the great gap between the Rich and Poor people in Vietnam. During the most people couldn’t have enough a daily meal, they face the difficulty in new year, but who could be able to enjoy the luxury gifts in Luna new year? . I don’t use a tittle” Chinese new year” because there is not only Chinese people have a new year, every ethnic in Asia could have the moon calendar, so the world couldn’t know what country use the first new year. Han ethnic has the stolen tradition since 5,000 years in historic record, so anything come from China, people have to rethink, recheck…It is the same a name” China Sea”, please do not use this name, I propose a name” South Pacific Sea”, because the water doesn’t belong to China.
    New year, festival are the good opportunity for the communist noble class, they show off the wealthy to the world, including the poor people. Communist expect so called” Proletariat” as the essential class, but the most communist member are the Red capitalist, they work nothing but earn anything…so communist party is the super gang, they rob, kill, imprison people under the tittle of revolution and revolution morality. On the other hand, communist is the ruthless regime, the world and particularly Vietnamese, we have to eliminate the barbarous organization as soon as possible…the people who have been dominating by communist, let’s stand up for living, freedom and democracy, if not, they couldn’t change the life, and escape the slavery.

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