Trend of taking nude pictures in search of fame in Vietnam

Increasing numbers of young women in HCM City are paying to get nude photo collections taken.

Preparing for a nude photo shoot    Most of them have otped to take nude photos in natural surroundings.   Thao, 19, an amateur model, is an avid fan of such photo shooting.

Thao idolizes her friend Linh who owns five special nude photo albums which were taken in forests, by the sea, in meadows, by a waterfall and on a beach. She made great endeavours to follow suit.

“I don’t want to fame by taking easy nude photos without any effort. I had to struggle to complete my photo shoot plans. In order to produce my “Legend” photo collection, I had to travel a lot and finally chose the Serepok River section running through Dak Lak Province’s Buon Don District.

“I even lost three kilos after shooting the album “Son Tinh’s Whispers”. I went through mountains and forests in the Central Highlands to the most unspoiled areas. I decided to pose at Se San Pass in Gia Lai as it has imposing mountains and great rivers. I look more impressive nearby white waterfall and dark green forests,” Thao shared.

Now she is on the final process of launching her photos with a hope that they will drive her fame.

She had approached a man named Minh who pledged to develop marketing strategy to draw the public attention and win more fashion show appearance contracts.

“Minh said that in order to get fame I would need a strategy. The first step was to shoot some nude collections, then he would help write PR stories and post them on social networks,” Thao revealed.

The more public criticism, the more successful the strategy is, she noted.

Anh, who is a manager of a well-known ‘hotgirl’, said in the showbiz industry scandals and sex photos have had significant effects. If a young woman wants to become famous by taking traditional good-natured photos in a traditional ao dai she won’t get anywhere.

Photographers who often shoot nude photos for young women said the trend has caught on after a model found fame after releasing a nude photo collection to highlight environmental protection.

However, not all women can afford to pursue such schemes as it costs a lot to pay for a group to travel through several locations for photo shoots.

As a result, some opted to take nude photos in studios and then have their photos grafted in natural scenes.

Anh said there is a fierce competition among women in the race to become ‘hotgirls’.

An owner of a nude studio said some women with less money decided to take nude photos in HCM City’s District 7, 9 or Thu Duc District.”

Recently, more models have taken nude photos in Can Gio which is still quite unspoiled,” he added.

He often provides advice to those who are inexperienced in taking nude photos in order to have sexy and outstanding products. Some are advised to shoot under the moon while others are encouraged to take their photos on a beach.

However, a dancer said there are risks when taking such nude photos.

“Two weeks ago, a young woman came to Phu My Bridge and a member of the public started taking photos of her,” he said.

Source DTINews

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