Phạm Triều Chính Promotes Vietnamese Products with Dresses In Coconut Leaves

Calling foreign visitors to use Vietnamese products, Phạm Triều Chính, with the outfit made of coconut leaves, attracted the attention of many people.

With the slogan of let’s use products of Vietnam, Phạm Triều Chính (graduated from the University of Da Lat, the culture studies faculty) went to Saigon and went through many tourist attractions such as the Ben Thanh Market and the Tax Trade Center. On February 26, she appeared at the Bui Vien Street, which is known as the street for foreigners in Saigon.

In the costume made of coconut leaves, Trieu Chinh said she hoped to transmit the message of supporting Vietnamese products for foreign visitors. She also carried with her coconut soaps.


girl, vegetable, coconut costume, trieu chinh

girl, vegetable, coconut costume, trieu chinh

girl, vegetable, coconut costume, trieu chinh 

Trieu Chinh in the outfit made of vegetables 

Earlier, in Da Lat, this girl wore an outfit made of vegetables to deliver the message of eating vegetables and vegetarian foot and not kill animals.

With the special clothes, she walked and met many people in the street for foreigners.

Many foreigners were surprised with the costume of Trieu Chinh. Steven Klein, a Canadian who has just come to Vietnam, said he firstly thought this girl wore the leaf-made outfit to advertise or sell something, but the he knew that she promoted Vietnamese products. “The costume is very strange,” he said.


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