Vietnamese Women In Military

Commentary: Vietnamese women have shined in Vietnamese history as Vietnamese history has known more wars than peace time. Vietnamese women’s participation in the defense of the country has always been critical that a common phrase is well known and illustrated the heroism of women: “Giặc đến nhà đàn bà cũng đánh” or “Aggressors are at the front door, women will also fight.”

Vietnamese women have lived up to their illustrious ancestors, the sisters Trưng Trắc  and Trưng Nhị and Lady Triệu.

Today, female military and defence people actively participate in many jobs that used to be exclusive for men.

Military and defence women are seen in many military and defence areas. They take the positions requiring high qualifications and expertise, such as scientific research in laboratories, medical treatment of patients in hospitals and teaching at schools; directly enroll in military training in active units; and they produce and maintain weapons, ammunitions and equipment in defence factories. They indeed further beautify the image of “Uncle Ho’s Soldier” in the new revolutionary era.

By contrast to men, women have some physical and psychological limitations, they still try hard to fulfil their tasks as well as men, and in some areas, they even work better than men.

PANO would like to introduce several beautiful images of female military people:

lieutenant tran thi thanh huyen on the right a researcher at the molecular biology department of the military central hospital 108 one of the 10 outstanding military faces was honoured to receive 9929 334 Vietnamese Women In Military

Lieutenant Tran Thi Thanh Huyen (on the right), a researcher at the Molecular Biology Department of the Military Central Hospital 108, one of the 10 outstanding military faces was honoured to receive new promoted insignia from the Defence Minister.

the block of female soldiers ready to parade 992949 5213145720130309191435859 719 Vietnamese Women In Military

The block of female soldiers ready to parade

the block of female militias under the determined to win flag 992949 4108660920130309191440937 10 Vietnamese Women In Military

along with border guards to protect the national borderline 992949 2073708820130309191445609 292 Vietnamese Women In Military

Along with border guards to protect the national borderline

female workers at z113 factory 992949 5767618420130309191449953 3 Vietnamese Women In Military

Female workers at Z113 factory

female workers at viettel 992949 2772848320130309191454531 890 Vietnamese Women In Military

Female workers at Viettel

female cadets at the military technical university 992949 7212564420130309191459125 9 Vietnamese Women In Military

Female cadets at the Military Technical University

Translated by Thu Nguyen

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One Response to Vietnamese Women In Military

  1. in Vietnam history, Hai bà Trưng ( Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị), the first women stood up to fight against the foreigner from China and the administrative governor Tô Định was defeated in 43 AD.
    In Vietnam war, Vietcong has used female as tool to service for the ruthless regime: female troop to be transformed as sex slave for the cadre ( Vietcong called: Nữ Hộ Lý). Women also became the supplying worker and terrorist, a documentary film’s title THE COMBAT WOMEN broadcast in SBS Television, Australia before when the woman day comes, that showed at daytime, woman worked on farmland as peasant, but night time they were guerrilla, they killed innocent people by snipe and setting up mine trap.
    However, communist have never respect female, in record, there is not any women being the top positions are such as secretary general, prime minister, chairman…but communist in Vietnam has used female for sex slave, they are selling woman into the brothel around the world.

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