Vietnam to Pay $6.1 Billion In Public Debts in 2013

The Vietnamese government must pay a total of US$6.1 billion, worth of public debts this year, according to the directive approved by the Prime Minister on May 4, in regard to the public debt management program between 2013 and 2015. Vietnam actually owes more than 106% of its annual GDP according to the more reliable international sources.

This amount is twice as much the national budget of defense. It could have been better used in investing in the protection of national integrity instead of paying the debts and interests because of the mis-management.






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One Response to Vietnam to Pay $6.1 Billion In Public Debts in 2013

  1. Vietnam is being deeply deficit nearly $130 billion USD, where does the money loss?. The communist regime has no fiscal fundamental endorses, so Vietnam situation is quite different with Greece, Syprus or the other members of Euro currency using .
    The socialism failed badly, despite Vietcong has a rescue plan, its ugly economic pattern:” free market leads by socialism”.
    The government companies being heavily debt as Vinashin, Vinaline…the banks lost people credit after 3 times change currency: September 2, 1975, May 3, 1978 and September 14, 1985. Communist regime robbed people by the changing currency, they could get prime success, but the chronicle harm has been inevitable, so after then, people, including the cadres have used the gold unit to exchange, do business and bribery.
    The world economic recession, US added more deficit, some nations in Europe accept the austerity policy before getting help by allies. However, recently Vietnam printed more money and injected to their banks. People know, then the currency lost more value, that is the economic suicide.
    How could Vietnam survive?. Therefore, they are trying to do the malice way: the changing nation title means the currency will be changed again, so people and cadre hunt gold, dollar to save the family pocket, that reason the world gold market is different valuation in Vietnam, there is more people want to buy gold.
    The solution is nothing, but idea of robbing, trick are the Vietcong’s priority…however, when the pocket to be pinched, people have to do something to protect the asset, it is the last stage of Vietcong regime.

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