Prostitution Flourishes In Vietnam

Note Book Guide Of Moral Teachings of Uncle Ho

Commentary: Thanks to the enlightened leadership of the communist ruling and indoctrination of the moral teachings of Uncle Ho for the past 3 generations of Vietnamese people, Vietnam is on its way toward the socialist paradise. Prostitution or Mại Dâm is one of the fastest growing industry in Vietnam. It is estimated about 33,000 women prostitute themselves in every corner of the country and Vietnamese prostitutes are also exported throughout Asia and Russia.

A large number of big rings of prostitutes enjoy the protection of the local law enforcement agencies. Once condemned as societal evils of capitalism of South Vietnam, prostitution flourishes in the socialist paradise known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Prostitution is totally banned in Vietnam but the nation was reported to have almost 33,000 sex workers in 2013, up 2,800 over the previous year, according to an online meeting on HIV/AIDS prevention.

At the conference organized in Hanoi by the National Committee for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, drugs, and prostitution, authorities said they could only identify 9,000 of them.

The period in the two years 2012-13 was the most complicated time since prostitution, which is considered a social evil, developed further beyond the control of relevant authorities. Sex workers mainly gather in tourist hotspots as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Nam Dinh, according to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Now, Vietnam has 83,000 units working in sensible condition as bars, discotheques, karaoke and massaging. 8,000 of them have the regular services of young women who are suspected of disguised sex workers.

So far, Vietnam has carried out a national plan in 20 pilot provinces to help prostitutes give up the job and further integrate into the communities by giving them loans, but only 500 prostitutes have been given loans worth a total of VND2 billion (US$96,200).

Last year saw an increase of cases of prostitution-related crimes over the previous year.

Source Tuoi Tre

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One Response to Prostitution Flourishes In Vietnam

  1. Uncle Ho’s morality aims to transform the honest to dishonest as its great master Karl Marx, who totally received the income support from Engels, a wealthy Family in England, but Karl Marx wrote the books to condemn the capitalist, including Engels family. How do you think when you help some one being difficult, but the raise the hatred to you? It is the communist and socialism’s morality.
    in record since Vietnam communist party founded on February 3, 1930, there were so many land owners, wealthy families were wrong, they supported Ho Chi Minh into two long wars, then after success, Ho killed the contributors for his” revolution”.
    Communist enslave people, they want to control the tummy, the communist means poverty. Since 1954, the northern people suffered the difficult living condition, so when General Vo Nguyen Giap was promoted as the chief of protection children and mother, people ate the placentas replaced meat, fish…they called placentas is rich protein ( in the Western country, there is no where like Vietnam). After took over South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, Vietcong regime applied the same way as the saying of a high ranking cadre, 56 years membership of communist party, Mr. Nguyen Ho told:” their house, we occupy-their wive, we take and their children to be enslaved”. The morality of socialism has destroyed the moral valuation of Vietnamese culture and tradition, so nowadays the female being downgraded, the sex industry is the key to develop country, even though Mr Nguyen Minh Triet, chairperson of government who advertised the sex industry while visit US, he told to the US people:” Vietnamese girl is so beautiful”. In the socialism, a pro-communist paradise, people have nothing, but communist party’s member are as the Red capitalists. For living and survival, in Vietnam the criminal increases as epidemic and the sex sellers become the populous business. The Uncle Ho’s morality is different the other moral value, its destruction continues to pull society to the hell, but it is the communist paradise, that is just deserves for communist party. Thousand years built, it just few decades, the culture, traditional country destroyed by Vietcong, a monkey’s background, animal governs in Vietnam.

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