An Burgeoning Trend of Not Serving Chinese Nationals In Nha Trang Is Despicable

Commentary: Vietnamese public is outraged by the recent bullying actions taken by Chinese government by deploying an oil rig within the Vietnam’s territorial water to explore Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Some Vietnamese in a touristic city Nha Trang have taken the anti-China action a little bit too far by announcing publically they would deny the service to mainland Chinese. Nha Trang was a city that Irvine City wanted to forge a sisterhood with before the City council had to give in to the strong opposition of Vietnamese American community.

Three-Star Olympic Hotel located on Phan Bội Châu avenue, Nha Trang Citty of Khánh Hòa province.

It should be noted that the younger owner of the hotel studied in China for 5 years and is married to a Chinese descent; so he is not real racist against Chinese people, but he wants to make the Chinese tourists be aware of their government’s infringement on Vietnamese sovereignty and hopes that Chinese tourists have a say in their government.

Chinese People Have No Say In Their Government’s Action. Do Not Hold Chinese People Responsible!

The trend has spread to over 5 facilities over the past and may even be  encouraged by some Vietnamese on the internet.

At a coffee shop in Nha Trang

This trend should be condemnable because it can be perceived as racial discrimination against Chinese even though these owners may not even be real racists. This trend is a misplaced patriotism and despicable because Chinese people have no say in the matters of their government’s policy as Vietnamese people have no say in the matters of their own government’s government policy either. Also, the job of service industry is to serve their customers; the Chinese tourists deserve the respect and hospitality of the host country. It is just the about basic humanity! One serves and helps other in needs.

A veiled sign of discrimination would tarnish the country’s image and damage the friendship of Vietnamese and Chinese people. The current standoff between China and Vietnam is caused by Chinese government and not by their people.

In February, Racist Sign of Beijing Restaurant Against Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino was worldwide criticized that the local government had to intervene.

One can show patriotism by other legitimate means by boycotting China-made products or by pressuring the Vietnamese government to seek international arbitration like the Filipino has done so.

May the owners soon realize their mistakes and make amends!

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5 Responses to An Burgeoning Trend of Not Serving Chinese Nationals In Nha Trang Is Despicable

  1. KingKong says:

    This is good, I hope other Asian nations follow this example, these proud chinese people should not be served.

  2. RR says:

    Vietnam’s struggles against the Chinese played a big role in shaping Vietnamese history.

  3. Davide Spagocci says:

    I’m not chinese,and not vietnam,but i think this is not just,this is Racist and Ignorance,becouse normal people chinese hav no cus about what chinese govern do wrong.
    If chinese gover or politic do something wrong at vietnam ok i understand,but is not cus of poor people or normal people.
    If 1 chinese wrong,is not just do bad at all chinese….
    And if we all people in the world,don’t service another country only becouse 1 or 2 people of this country do bad,so mean all world always go in war conflict,this is really not good
    We need make peace and love,and help us togheder each other,not war and not stop service to other.

  4. Nur says:

    How about the Chinese people from Malaysia, Singapore, American Chinese etc… this is really racist. Generalizing that Chinese people are only from China.

  5. Nixon says:

    What Vietnamese businessmen should do is to make aware that the Chinese Government is infringing illegally on the territory of Vietnam. Antagonism would only alleviate the differences. Businesses should post how the Chinese government is bullying her neighbors in the South China Sea. In most probability, mainland Chinese nationals are not aware of what is true regarding the claims of their government and that they are unilaterally and illegally appropriating claims of the sea for themselves. Many main land Chinese are fed with false facts about their claims.

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