Ten Thousand Overseas Vietnamese Turned Reactionaries In Protesting Against China Across The Globe

The Vietnam-China bilateral relation has been based on the motto of  “16 chữ vàng và 4 tốt” or  “16 Golden Words and 4 Cardinals,” which was proposed by former Chinese General Secretary of the Party and President of the PRC Jiāng Zémín to Vietnam communist leaders in 1999.

The relationship is defined on “Friendly neighborhood, comprehensive cooperation, long-term stability and future orientations,” and  “forget about the past and move towards the future.”

Vietnamese authorities have adhered strictly to the above principles as the stability and good relation with China are primordial to the survival of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Therefore, any criticisms of the Chinese bullying behaviors in the East Sea/South China Sea/West Philippines have been closely monitored and censored.

Over the past seven years, any public demonstration was quickly cracked down and any hard-core activists were arrested and detained such as musician Viet Khang, journalist Dieu Cay, blogger Bui Thi Hang and most recently, the editor of Anh Ba Sam. Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Vinh and many more of others. Anti-China protesters have been accused of all kind of names such as: agitators, reactionaries, social order trouble makers, protesters for hired, saboteurs and anti-State propagandists. Preservation of good relation with China is the utmost priority for the CPV.

In the context of the recent tension between Vietnam and China due to the Chinese deployment of a giant oil rig in the Vietnam’s EEZ water, numerous anti-China rallies have been held across the globe.

The party chiefs of Vietnamese embassies sent urgent reports to the CPV politburo about the reactionary actions of Vietnamese community abroad.

From Berlin, Germany: About 5,000 Vietnamese agitators held anti-China rally against the Chinese oil rig placement in Vietnam’s water at Potsdamer Platz square in Berlin. The rally was joined with Siegfried Sommer, chairman of the Germany-Vietnam Friendship Association.

From Praha, Czech: About  3,000 Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Prague to express their protest against the illegal operation of the Chinese oil rig in Vietnam’s  water.  They were even able to lure some local people to join in the protest. Marsel Winter, chairman of the Czech-Vietnam Friendship Association, was among the participants.

We recognize the kind of behavior goes against the interest of the Party. We acted quickly by taking pictures and videotaping the face of these agitators and reactionaries and our security service  are creating a file on each of them. We await further instruction.

From Frankfurt, Germany: A few hundreds Vietnamese also held an anti-China rally in Frankfurt within an hour after those Vietnamese from the puppet regime of Saigon had held their rally.


From Taipei, Taiwan: A few dozen international students in Taiwan held an anti-China protest in Taipei.  It is unconceivable that Taiwan tolerated the protest against China, which took place without incident.

From Tokyo, Japan: About 300 Vietnamese protested at the Aoyama park in Tokyo. The city of Tokyo seemed to have managed well the traffic to allow such outrageous disturbance to one of the most populous and crowded capitals of the world.

Phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc: Thông điệp từ Tokyo

Phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc: Thông điệp từ Tokyo

Phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc: Thông điệp từ Tokyo

Phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc: Thông điệp từ Tokyo

Đoàn tuần hành vừa đi vừa hô vang khẩu hiệu chống Trung Quốc

Đoàn tuần hành vừa đi vừa hô vang khẩu hiệu chống Trung Quốc

Tuần hành ở Tokyo phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc

Một phụ nữ ngoại quốc cho biết: Chúng tôi ủng hộ Việt Nam.

Tuần hành ở Tokyo phản đối giàn khoan Trung Quốc

Người Việt Nam tham gia biểu tình ở Tokyo.

From Kiev, Ukraine: In a civil unrest situation of Ukraine, some Vietnamese residents braved themselves to hold an anti-China protest over the weekend. Some Ukrainians also participated in the rally even though the political situation in the country is chaotic and on the brink of a civil war.

After having received reports of about 10,000 Vietnamese living abroad participated in demonstration against China, a friendly brother that Vietnam is very grateful for the past assistance, the politburo of 16 members held an emergent meeting to assess the situation. The politburo instructed to the party members at foreign embassies to closely monitor the development.

These Vietnamese in Eastern Europe have tarnished the image of the party with the Chinese Communist Party. The acts of agitation and sabotage of the relation of Vietnam and China are unacceptable for those who had grown up in Northern Vietnam. The politburo instructed the party chiefs in those countries to friendly remind those Vietnamese that they had acted like reactionaries and saboteurs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. They should know that their families still live in Vietnam and they still hold Vietnamese citizenships. The party has now decided to extend the deadline indefinitely the Vietnamese Nationality Act. If they persist in their reactionary behaviors, they will get invitation to work with Vietnamese police when they visit the homeland.

The politburo instructed the cell party members at the embassies to investigate further if there are any link between the overseas reactionaries and those inside the country as they seem to have sought for the American support. Instruction to quiet down the protest as quickly because General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong is awaiting for an audience with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in order to present excuses for the past weekend events.


Vietnamese protesters thank US senators’ support.

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3 Responses to Ten Thousand Overseas Vietnamese Turned Reactionaries In Protesting Against China Across The Globe

  1. The protests oppose against China’s invasion turn endorse the Vietcong, a domestic China’s administration in Vietnam ( Thái Thú cho Trung Cộng). In thousand years Vietnam history had ever the people stand behind the enemy to protect country. But now, the Vietcong uses the title” protection country” then people line behind them, it is terrible wrong. Ten thousand Vietnamese raise the red flag of China’s hand to protest against its master. Vietnamese oversea couldn’t win over China by the protest around the world, but Vietcong wins by the red flag appears into the Vietnamese community overseas…the oil rig is just a test the reaction of Vietnamese, but Vietcong and China signed a secret agreement, so they practice the” water cannon exchange” then people line behind Vietcong, actually the red flag invades the land of Vietcong’s victim. The is the alert to Vietnamese overseas.

  2. CARLITO A. SEREZO says:


  3. The Philippine is democratic and independent country, the government elected by its people. But the most communist regimes are such as China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Laos….the government elected by the communist party, actually the central politic bureau, likely a bandit gang chooses their leaders, so the Vietcong leaders as General secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng, Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng…are not people representatives. The most democratic states have lower and upper house, but in Vietnam, there is only one parliament house, the member to be pointed by communist party and its rivalry. While the Philippine government strongly reacts China intrudes their water, but Vietnam respects China as great master. It is very hard to believe the oil rig values $ 1 billion USD, it is like a city, that built money months, there fore Vietcong regime ( navy) has not known, until the rig completed, so both sides fight against by water cannon, that is a farce. On the other hand, Vietcong regime secretly permitted China set up the rig, they test the Vietnamese reaction, then will go further….All Vietnamese have the patriotic heart, but people know Vietnam tricks people, they sold country to China and also calling for resistance against the invasion. The expert about Vietcong has not allowed Vietnamese trust Vietcong, in the passage of time, Ho Chi Minh came to la Fontainbleau for conference, but he secretly invited colonial French comes back, however, when the first French troop landed to Vietnam shore, Ho Chi Minh called the people fighting against the invasion. If Vietnam government is like Philippine, people united to fight against the invasion, but now we know Vietcong is the hand of China.

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