Thousands Vietnamese Patriots Protest Against China’s Aggression

Commentary: Anti-China rallies, which were held on Sunday in front of Chinese embassy in Hanoi and Chinese General Consulate in Saigon, drew more than a few thousand protesters each. This time is slightly different from the previous ones in the past as there were a small crowd of pro-government and pro-communist protesters so that the state media can report the anti-China and the images of government supporters.

More than 4,000 people strong crowd without the display of communist flag (picture above) and 100 people with communist flag (picture below).

The real crowd of activists and patriots drew larger number of people despite the authorities’ intimidation. Some notorious bloggers or activists were temporarily put under house arrests and not allowed to join the demonstrations. These crowds attracted the people of all walks of life and all ages from toddlers to elders.

The slogans were more critical than the pro-communist for hired crowds:

  • China don’t steal our oil
  • Silence is cowardly
  • Freedom for Patriots
  • Down With China
  • Boycott the Chinese-Vietnamese Friendship Motto
  • China Back Off
  • Nation Above All Else


In front of Chinese Embassy in Hanoi

“This is the largest anti-Chinese demonstration I have ever seen in Hanoi,” said war veteran Dang Quang Thang, 74.

“Our patience has limits. We are here to express the will of the Vietnamese people to defend our territory at all costs. We are ready to die to protect our nation,” he told AFP.

According to AFP, hundreds of plain clothes and uniformed police set up barricades to prevent protesters approaching the Chinese Embassy compound but made no move to break up the rowdy demonstration, even though the communist regime normally tightly controls any public expression of discontent.

Patriots were more critical of the Vietnamese government’s handling of the dispute and used the opportunity to call for changes to the one-party state.

“We want to send a message to the Vietnamese government also — they are responsible for this situation,” demonstrator Tran Xuan Bach told AFP.

Demand of freedom for patriots arrested by the regime



Nation Above All Else

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One Response to Thousands Vietnamese Patriots Protest Against China’s Aggression

  1. Vietnamese strongly oppose the Red flag of Vietcong, the hand of China ( Thái Thú), so there is about 100 protesters with red flag, but 4,000 without the communist flag. For example: a bandit who robbed your house, they took property, raped your wife and enslaved your children ( it bases on the speech of Mr. Nguyen Ho, 56 years communist member, he said at Saigon after 1975:” their house, we occupy-their wives, we take and the children, we enslave”). After taking every thing, then the bandit sold your property and appeal you protest against the buyer, actually you support the bandit to struggle for returning your property…do you accept it?…likely, Vietcong sold our country since Ho Chi Minh’s era ( on September 14, 1958, Ho pointed Prime Minister Pham Van Dong releases the public statement confirms the Paracel archipelago belongs to China, despite it was the South Vietnam ownership.)
    Nowadays, Vietcong lost the people’s credit, so they and its Master China performs the drama of water cannon exchange at sea, then Vietcong allows its party members organize the demonstrate. The people know the protest against China’s invasion is the trick, so the populous protester is not much compares with the population at Hanoi and Saigon.

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