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Ten Thousand Overseas Vietnamese Turned Reactionaries In Protesting Against China Across The Globe

The Vietnam-China bilateral relation has been based on the motto of  “16 chữ vàng và 4 tốt” or  “16 Golden Words and 4 Cardinals,” which was proposed by former Chinese General Secretary of the Party and President of the PRC Jiāng Zémín to Vietnam … Continue reading

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Why Vietnam Will Fail Diplomatic Discussion With China

Tension has been escalated between Vietnam and China as China’s oil company , CNOOC, installed  oil rig HD981 in Vietnam’s waters. There is a hot line between Vietnam and China to discuss any urgent matter in regards with maritime issues. A … Continue reading

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An Eyeful A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! Happy Women’s Day!

The old days of saying… “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” might be not so effective as the new survey. There are a lot about women to thank for. Happy Women’s Day!

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A Dog Vs. A Wife

Why Some Men Have a Dog And No Wife: 1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you. 2. Dogs don’t notice if you call them by another dog’s name.

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Medical Residency Match Results in 2013: Slightly Increased Interest In Primary Care Specialties

Commentary: This year marks the highest number of participants in the medical residency matching program (NRMP)  with 40,000 applicants competing for 29,171 available positions accredited by ACGME.  About 17,487 US-MD student seniors and 2,677 US-DO students participated in the matching system.   The … Continue reading

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